Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming: A Documentary Film about Surviving the Seasons of Entrepreneurship

One of the highlights of my professional life has been making “Winter is Coming,” a documentary film on the four seasons of entrepreneurship.

If you are an entrepreneur, current or past, you will relate: the cyclical, almost inevitable crises we all face throughout the day-to-day rollercoaster of building a business. Survival is not guaranteed – but learning, growth and transformation always is.

The film discusses the crises or “winters” in different cycles of business. Four entrepreneurs (myself included) share their experiences surviving four different types of crises. They all share one bond: a thirst for learning.

This is an ideal film for any business, nonprofit, or organization interested in exploring the Seasons of Entrepreneurship further. If you want to schedule a private screening or just learn more about the film please complete the form below.

Know an entrepreneur who might be struggling through a “winter” right now? Share this with them – here is hoping it might help them.

Watch the documentary below and visit the full website here. Enjoy the viewing.



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