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The Future is Fractional

Joe Frost is a global speaker, thinker & entrepreneur leading the fractional & decentralized leadership model into the future of work. His keynotes & talks are built for forward-thinking entrepreneurs & leaders.

Insights on the Fractional Leadership Model

The Future of Work

The Great Resignation

It’s real – and it’s here. A record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in 1 month alone

A Global Shift

40% of the global workforce are considering leaving their employers this year

Independent is In

52% of the U.S. workforce will either be working or will have worked as an independent contributor

New Executive Mindset

63% of full-time executives confirmed they would become an independent contractor

So, what is the Fractional movement?
So, what is the Fractional movement?
A New Leadership Model


“Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” – Seth Godin

As the “Great Resignation” continues to transform the way companies operate, and as technology continues to usher in new ways to run our companies, one thing has become clear: the leadership model of the future is decentralized.

The “Great Resignation” is now our greatest opportunity.

After a mass exodus of leaders and teams from traditional employment structures, a new period in economic history is set to begin: the “Great Rehire” – though it will look radically different from what traditional hiring has looked like. A decentralized leadership model values flexibility, relinquishes centralized control structures, and brings more objectivity, freshness of perspective, and creative ideation – and it is set to transform the post-pandemic workplace.

How can entrepreneurs leverage the power of fractional professionals to prepare for the future of work? How can we leverage it to create kinetic energy that attracts prospective clients, employees and media exposure? How can a decentralized, fractional model for hiring leaders help our organizations combust at scale?

Past Talks Given
Past Talks Given
About Me

Meet Joe

Joseph Mark Frost

Joseph Frost is a Decentralized Entrepreneur, University Professor of Entrepreneurship & 3X Founder.

An EO Nebraska member having served in local and regional leadership roles, Joseph currently serves as Membership Chair & MyEO Expert.

Joseph is the Founder of yorCMO, the first Decentralized Leadership franchise business, and is the head of the Fractional Professionals Association, the first & only community for decentralized, fractional executives & leaders looking to join the future of work. He is also the host of the weekly podcast “The Fractional C-Suite Retreat.”

Armed with an MBA and a background in Chemical Engineering, Joseph is passionate about engineering ideas fueled by simplicity & creativity that have the power to make a big impact & combust at scale.

Joe Frost has had a non-linear, decentralized career & life

A Decentralized Life

From founding a successful mortgage financing company to founding a media and video company to writing a book on media habits, Joseph spent years attempting to reconcile his wildly diverse experiences – only to realize his decentralized nature was his greatest asset to help others engineer non-traditional, creative ideas into their businesses.


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What people are saying


“I loved Joe’s presentation. I was especially interested in the outro story about gratitude. I felt something. It was a good feeling.”

Mark S. - COO & Business Coach

“Thanks for your talk, Joseph. I started the gratitude ritual with my daughter this morning! And still thinking about how a fractional professional could help us at our company."

Meritxell G. - CEO

“10/10. Thank you for sharing the fundamental processes of hiring fractional professionals. We will definitely go through your book recommendations, and will share this with other members we know so they can reach out to you."


“Joseph, thanks for your introduction to fractional employees yesterday. It is an interesting topic.”

Arne P. - Managing Director & Chief Economist

Who are Joe’s Talks & Workshops for?

Entrepreneurs who want to:

Scale their leadership team


Leverage hiring models for the future of work


Access strategic talent they otherwise couldn’t afford


Delegate, elevate & combust their business at scale

Learning outcomes to expect:

Understand how to activate the power of Fractional Professionals


Determine key criteria for hiring Fractional Professionals that bring impact


Understand the difference between Fractional & outsourcing


Learn how to bring energy, flexibility & creativity into your organization’s structure

The C-Suite Retreat

The Podcast

Joe Frost is also the host of “The C-Suite Retreat,” a weekly retreat for executives to unwind and hear from their peers about new opportunities and innovations in the C-Suite.

Joe dives into conversations with C-Suite leaders about topics ranging from Decentralized leadership, being a “visionary,” mastering technology, frameworks for game-changing marketing & more.

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