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Episode #010: Decentralized Leadership with Dr. Brian Smith

An excellent discussion on decentralized leadership with Dr. Brian Smith, Founder of IA Business Advisors, an internationally-recognized advisory, consulting and coaching firm. Brian has helped over 18,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and teams across the globe. He is also the best-selling author of the “The I in Team” Series and most recently of the “Individual Advantages; Be the I in Team” books where he shares some of the best insights on creating great leaders and achieving true prosperity.

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The biggest opportunity for c-suites is getting in touch with what their company actually is. They need to be a few steps ahead of the curve.

Small businesses who struggle to afford someone at a c-suite level don’t have the same opportunities that those at the c-suite level know are possible.

A c-suite professional will look at things in the long term and not just what is going to happen in the next 30 days or 60 days. They will be a few cycles ahead of where you are now.

Decentralized leadership is where decision-making is delegated by top-level management to individuals within a company.

A fractional professional is a great advocate for changing things up. They will bring a new perspective to your business and can help you grow.

It’s a lot more cost effective for small companies to hire fractional professionals than it is to hire a full time c-suite executive.

It’s important when hiring someone to understand how they work by using an assessment like Kolbe. This will help you understand how they work and the best way to provide feedback to that employee.


Quote of the Show:

1:30 – Dr. Brian Smith on decentralized leadership: “A lot of C-suite people have blinders on. They only see what’s in their lane and in the old days, we could almost do that. But the way that society has grown, the way that we’ve become a three dimensional society where we have to know more, we have to be more in touch, two or three steps away from ourselves.”

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