Fractional C-Suite Retreat Podcast

Episode #009: Partnering for Success with Nelson Tepfer

In episode #009 of the “Fractional C-Suite Retreat” Podcast, I sat down with Nelson Tepfer, a Managing Partner at ProCFO Partners, to talk about partnering for success. He knows what it takes to help a business increase its revenue and isn’t afraid to branch out into different areas.

We spoke about some of the biggest innovations that C-suite leaders are looking at today.

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The biggest opportunity right now for c-suites is expanding beyond a traditional role and more collaboration with others.

Fractional professionals are great at rolling up their sleeves and doing the work that other full time c-suite executives are too busy for.

Bringing in a different perspective is one of the many positives about a fractional professional. They have worked with many different companies and know what strategies work and what doesn’t.

It is the CFO’s job to help the finance and accounting departments grow and they help build a framework for financial management.

There’s plenty of extra resources that a fractional professional can bring with them from company to company.

Always look for someone who is a fit with you as opposed to someone who’s been in your industry before.

Working with a company that has more CFOs can help develop a better process for your company.


Quote of the Show:

20:03 Nelson Tepfer on partnering for success: “​​Always look for someone who’s a fit with you, as opposed to somebody who’s been in your industry. I think that that is so crucial. From the client side, they just look at it as If you haven’t been in this industry, how are you going to know certain aspects of this? The advantage to having a large team as we do have now more than 30 CFOs, we’ve been in just about every industry imaginable. And probably some of you may not have come across all that often as well, but we’ve been across so many different industries that we have the industry knowledge on our team.”

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